Jacket and Other Images

Download a hi-res jacket image here. (Click here for the US jacket.)

Download the author photo here. (free of charge)

Please see below for images cleared for press use – if you are interested in obtaining permission for any other images from the book, please use this sheet to contact the permission holders.

1. Shroud, full cloth (Stera) – Permissions Cleared

2. Shroud, full cloth (Stera) – Permissions Cleared

3. Shroud, face (Stera) – Permissions Cleared

4. Giovanni Battista della Rovere, Deposition of the Holy Sudarium (Stera) – Permissions Cleared

5. Shroud, negative of frontal figure (Stera)

6. Shroud, negative of face (Stera) Permissions Cleared

7. Pray Codex folio (Stera) Permissions Cleared